2012 Global Photographers of the Year

2012 Global Photographers of the Year

The International Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for professional, non- professional, and student photographers on a global level, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today.
Global Photo Awards will showcase your work to industry with winning photographers gaining prominence for their careers with international exposure and personal focus. They will also enjoy the continued inclusion of their winning photos on this website, viz. a worldwide eCom exibition, and be published in our Global Photo Awards Annual coffee table book.

Eligibility: Worldwide


1 Image Entry = $15 USD

2 Image Entry = $30 USD

4 Image Entry = $45 USD

10 Image Entry = $100 USD

1 Image Entry Students Only = $10 USD * COMPETITION FEES “After June 30″

1 Image Entry = $20 USD.

2 Image Entry = $35 USD.

4 Image Entry = $60 USD.

10 Image Entry = $120 USD.

1 Image Entry Students Only = $15 USD *

Prizes: Certificate of achievement and much more

Copyright: The purpose of copyright and related rights is two fold: Firstly, copyright encourages a dynamic creative culture, while returning value to creators so that they can lead a dignified economic existence. Secondly, copyright provides widespread, affordable access to content for the public. (World Intellectual Property Organization). The only purpose that your image will be on this website and printed in our year book, is to promote you the photographer. We do not individually sell images for financial gain or for use in an image bank. Instead, every winning image in the Global Photo Awards will have a link from the image to the photographer’s website or email if you desire and be used in an annual book which can be purchased from this website.

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