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journal photography

This is best place for all photographs related to photojournalism, news, events and storytelling street photographs about people or places from all over the world.




3 best photos:
Publication in the Frame magazine + 200 fotoup credits + featuring the winning photo in the network + share of frame magazine sale in first three months after publication

2 Next Uppers
100 fotoup credits + featuring the winning photo in the network



The 56th World Press Photo Contest will be chaired by Gary Knight, UK, founder photographer of VII Photo Agency.

An international jury of leading professionals in the field of photojournalism worldwide will judge the entries at the World Press Photo office in Amsterdam from 2 February until 14 February 2013. World Press Photo’s annual competition is the leading photojournalism contest in the world and free to enter for all professional press photographers, photojournalists and their representatives. The entry website will open at the beginning of December 2012.

How to enter the contest
The 2013 World Press Photo Contest will be open for participants to enter their work from the beginning of December 2012. The deadline for submissions is 17 January 2013, 23.59 CET. Entries may only be submitted online via the World Press Photo entry website. A user name and password are required to enter and can be requested from December 2012 onwards. The deadline for requesting a user name and password is 11 January 2013, 23.59 CET.

Alexia grant

 Alexia grant 

Alexia Grants 2013: Call for Entries

The next Alexia grant application deadline for the $15,000 professional award is Jan. 18, 2013 at 5 p.m. Eastern time. The next student deadline is Feb. 1, 2013, at 5 p.m. Eastern time. We begin accepting applications online on November 15, 2012.

The Women's Initiative Grant

Tim Matsui has been given the $25,000 grant in the Alexia Foundation Women's Initiative Grant. Tim will document sex trafficking of minors in the Seattle area.

What is Alexia?

The Alexia Foundation promotes the power of photojournalism to give voice to social injustice, to respect history lest we forget it and to understand cultural difference as our strength - not our weakness.

Dave Bown Projects

Prizes $15,000 - Dave Bown Projects - Deadline 30 November 2012
15,000 USD (1 artist will receive $10,000 and 5 artists will each receive $1,000).

Dave Bown Projects will be buying works of art from artists as submissions are received.
This competition is open to all visual artists who are 18 years of age or older. All styles and media are eligible.
Selection Process
Early entries are encouraged. Previewing will occur
on a daily and weekly basis by Dave Bown Projects
as submissions are received.
30 November 2012
For further information, please contact Dave Bown at (917) 365-5265 or

Photo Contest: The Portrait

Photo Contest: The Portrait

Contest Summary

World-renowned commercial and fine-art photographer Albert Watson judge’s PhoozL’s latest all-judged photo contest: ‘The Portrait.’ Albert (who will pick the winners from a preliminary selection by the PhoozL Photo Pros panel) has specific things he’s looking for in this contest – see the video above. NOTE: Judging based on individual images, not groupings.

Submissions Open: Nov 20 — Dec 16, 2012

Submit up to Four (4) photos relating to theme: ‘The Portrait’ NOTE: See video for acceptable subjects (humans, animals, individuals, groups).
Eligibility: open to all logged-in members (amateur to pro), 18+, worldwide. NOTE: as a special exception, prior PhoozL contest-winning images ARE eligible.
Entry Fee: none! (Free)
Capture Date: does not matter – new or archived
Image Specs: Digital only. Color or B&W. See the usual PhoozL submission rules (visible when Submit button clicked).
Manipulating/Editing Restrictions: none, but see video
Watermarking images allowed?: Yes, up to photographer
Contest Winners: Top 3 + Honorable Mentions selected by Albert Watson
Prizes: Grand Prize Winner receives personal 1:1 feedback from Albert on his/her work! 2nd and 3rd Prizes, too. See Prizes page.
Join the Phorum discussion about this contest.
Follow the Winners Showcase & PhoozL Points about this contest.

About the Judge

Albert Watson is one of the world’s most successful and sought-after commercial and artistic photographers. His striking images have appeared on more than 100 covers of Vogue Magazine worldwide and have been featured in countless other publications, from Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair. He has photographed iconic portraits of rock stars, rappers, actors and other celebrities, and he has shot hundreds of major advertising campaigns (as well as directing hundreds more television commercials). And all along, he has worked on unique personal projects that have been featured in museum and gallery shows around the world. Visit his website at:

Kenko Tokina Filter Photo Contest 2012 – 2013

Kenko Tokina Filter Photo Contest 2012 – 2013

This contest is sponsored by Kenko Tokina Co.,Ltd. and is open to photos that have been taken with the aid of a filter with the aim of expanding creative possibilities. Kenko Tokina Co.,Ltd. looks forward to receiving your entries that explore the full expanse of the unknown possibilities of filters.

Period during which applications are accepted:
October, 1, 2012 - November, 30, 2013

Photos that make effective use of filters.
The filters used may be from any manufacturer.
Filters such as protectors, whose filter effects cannot be seen on works, are not permitted.

Application prerequisites:
Anyone who has a photo taken with a filter can enter the contest, regardless of age, gender or nationality.

Entries are restricted to unreleased and unpublished original photos for which the copyright is entirely owned by the applicant. Photos that have won prizes in other contests or are being screened elsewhere are not eligible. (Photos that have been entered in another contest but have not been awarded a prize are eligible.) Photos that have been published in non-commercial publications, such as club exhibitions for which the photography was not remunerated, or websites operated by individuals.
Entries will be disqualified if the sponsor deems that the subject matter is in breach of the law, public order and morals, or the purpose of this contest.
Interested people who are under the age of 18 are requested to first obtain the approval of their parent or guardian before applying. If an applicant is under the age of 18, we assume that they have the approval of their parent or guardian.

Application procedure:
On the homepage set particularly for the Photo Contest, please send the image data in the applying format.

  Photos in the form of image data: image data captured and processed with digital still cameras, and image data captured, scanned and processed with film cameras.
Applications are open to image data of both types, both in color or black and white, as long as the photos are taken using a filter.
Photos treated or processed using computer software are not eligible.

Shin Yoshino

  The results of the contest are based on the voting results on the website set particularly and the evaluation by the judges.

Title Number of prize-winners Prize
Grand Prize 1 Kenko Tokina Group products worth 500,000 yen
Jury Special Prize 2 Kenko Tokina Group products worth 100,000 yen
Prize for work using PL filter 1 Kenko Tokina Group products worth 50,000 yen
(The awards will be determined by the organizer)
Prize for work using ND filter 1
Prize for work using Soft filter 1
Prize for work using Cross filter 1
Prize for work using Close-up lens 1
Selected Works Prize 30 Kenko Tokina Group products worth 20,000 yen (The awards will be determined by the organizer)
Special Merit Prize 100 Kenko Tokina Group products worth 10,000 yen (The awards will be determined by the organizer)
Special Prize by stages: 
Top Prize is set every 3 months during the contest for encouragement.
Stages (Oct. to Dec. 2012, Jan. to Mar. 2013, Apr. 2011 to June 2013, July to Nov 2013)
1 winner for each stage, 4 winners in total
Award: CARBON 724 EXIII (Manufacture Suggested Retail Price: Tax-inclusive price 57,750 yen)
Periodical Special Prizes will be announced on this website after each entry period ends.

Prize announcement and notification:
Winners will be announced on this site and at the Kenko Tokina booth at "CP + 2014", an information event about cameras and photography that will be held in Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken, Japan, in February 2014.

Kenko Tokina Co.,Ltd. will notify the prizewinners by Jan. 2014. The notification will be sent to the e-mail addresses registered by the winners. The winners will be asked to return their messages of agreement within the specified period via the website mentioned in the notifying email. The winners will be disqualified if they fail to provide such agreements. Besides, Kenko Tokina Co.,Ltd. will contact the winners via email or other means if the company needs to confirm the photos.
The winners will be disqualified if they fail to return a message within the designated period after prize notification by e-mail, regardless of the reason, including server problems. Please take special note of this rule. We ask that applicants take care to update their e-mail address on the web entry screen on this website if they change their e-mal address. The sponsor and the partner company accept no responsibility for any problems associated with a failure in e-mail transmission.

Sponsor: Kenko Tokina Co.,Ltd. ; Partner StudioGraphics
Support companies: Hoya Filters, LEE Filters and Slik Corporation

Welcome to Urban

Welcome to Urban 

Welcome to Urban Picnic Street Photography

A community for photographers to publish, collect and share street photographs.

Start your free street photography collection now by posting here.

Submit your best work to the 2013 photography competition and potentially win £1000. The best entries will also be printed, framed and exhibited with Urban Picnic Photographic Gallery.

The Urban Picnic Street Photography website is a hub to share your street photography, be inspired, discuss photos and upload your three best shots to the Urban Picnic Street Photography Competition 2013. Whilst here you are invited to participate in discussion on anyone's uploaded images.

Entrants will be in with a chance to win the top prize of £1,000 and have their work printed, framed and exhibited with the Urban Picnic Gallery.

Judging the competition will be Matt Stuart and Eric Kim, two of the most prolific and contemporary street photographers today.

Please use this resource as a place to find inspiration, develop ideas and create unique photographs.



DEADLINE January 9th 2013 Midnight ESTJuror: Seth Resnick
If a confident use of color defines your work, we want to see it.  
Exhibit Calendar
(subject to change)
Submissions Close9-Jan-13 Midnight EST
Juror' Choices Announcedby 15-Jan-13
On-Line Check-in Due25-Jan-12
Work Receipt Deadline4-Feb-13
Exhibit Opens7-Feb-13
Artists ReceptionTBA
Exhibit Closes3-Mar-2013
There is infinite potential for an exhibition such as this, which crosses subject, theme, and genre; we are equally enthusiastic to see realism and abstraction, and the not-so-grayareas that balance between. There is also limitless possibility for your choice of color story: every hue, tint, and shade applies, where it is used to characterize, describe, communicate and celebrate your subject or concept.

All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image and People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

We are honored to have Seth Resnick as Juror for “Color Story.”  He has marked the world of contemporary Photography by a prolific career spanning education, fine art, editorial, stock and commercial work, and entrepreneurial contributions to the education of digital workflow through D-65 online.
Resnick’s CV includes only a partial client list of over 75 of the most influential corporations in the world, including Apple to IBM, Forbes to Time Warner. He has been credited in over 2500 publications worldwide - in Photo District News over 55 times alone, including as one of The 30 Most Influential Photographers of The Decade (January 19, 2010).  Abundant workshops gather fans internationally, at venues from Alaska to Tokyo, Chile to Botswana.
You’ll find Resnick’s influences on, and an additionally abundant list of professional credits, and broadly inspiring portfolios, at   He is genuinely looking forward to the Jury process, and invites each of you to present him your most appealing Color Stories.

Rare Earth

Rare Earth

DEADLINE December 12th 2012 Midnight ESTJuror: William Neill

© William Neill
© William Neill
It is partially a gift of the subject itself, how varied the genre of landscape photography can be.   Combine the extremes of the land each of us has walked, with the variety of visions each of us chooses to communicate, and we're bound to witness just how rare our earth can be. 
Exhibit Calendar
(subject to change)
Submissions Close12-Dec-12 Midnight EST
Juror' Choices Announcedby 19-Dec-12
On-Line Check-in Due29-Dec-12
Work Receipt Deadline7-Jan-13
Exhibit Opens10-Jan-13
Artists ReceptionTBA
Exhibit Closes3-Feb-2013
We're looking to see a range of what landscape images can be:  macro details to vast panoramas, conceptual narratives, abstractions, document, or relational gestures.  We hope to feature varied points of view from every crook and bend, angle and junction, on the globe.  With your unique images, we will honor the extents of this Rare planet we call Earth.


All selected entries are exhibited in our gallery and included in a full color exhibit catalog.
Juror's Choice receives a 30x48" vinyl exhibit banner featuring their image and People's Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.
We offer free matting and framing of accepted entries for the duration of each of our exhibition, subject to standard sizes. Photographers set their own prices if they wish to sell their work and retain all rights to their photographs.

It is no wonder William Neill has developed a deep, spiritual connection with nature, being a resident of the Yosemite National Park area since 1977. His award-winning photography has been widely collected and exhibited in museums and galleries, including the Museum of Fine Art Boston, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Vernon Collection, and The Polaroid Collection.
His work has been published in several books: Rachel Carson's The Sense of Wonder, and John Fowles' The Tree. Chronicle Books published his photographs of natural patterns in By Nature's Design (1993), and featured his images in The Color of Nature (1996). The Yosemite Association published a major portfolio of Neill's Yosemite photographs entitled "Yosemite: The Promise of Wildness" (1994). A retrospective collection of his finest landscape photographs was published by Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown & Co, in 1997, entitled Landscapes of the Spirit.
Several periodicals have published his images, including: National Geographic, Smithsonian, Natural History, National Wildlife, Conde Nast Traveler, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Travel and Leisure, Wilderness, Sunset, Sierra and Outside magazines. Neill writes a monthly column "On Landscape", for Outdoor Photographer magazine. Feature articles have appeared in Life, Camera and Darkroom, Outdoor Photographer and Communication Arts (from whom he has also received five Awards of Excellence).
Neill's corporate clients include: Sony Japan, Bayer Corporation, Canon USA, Nike, Nikon, The Nature Company, and Sony Music/Classical.
Perhaps most important to the task of Jurying Rare Earth, is Neill's extensive experience in close observation of others' work - he has been an instructor of photography for 32 years. Mr. Neill is looking forward to the opportunity to see your work, for the purpose of curating what will be an awe-inspiring exhibition of landscape photographs.  

The Open Portfolio at Terabella Media

The Open Portfolio at Terabella Media

Whether your passion is landscape, portrait, documentary/street or something entirely unique, TeraBella Media is interested in viewing your interpretations. All photographers are invited to send images that best represent their own personal style. The subject matter is open for each photographer. Image files may be in black and white or color. Participants may submit up to eight images which are most characteristic of their individual photographic approach.

Eligibility: Open to all photographers 18 years and older

Entry fee: $20 (USD) for first 4 images


First Place: $400 (USD) cash prize
Second Place: $200 (USD) cash prize
Third Place: $100 (USD) cash prize
Three (3) honorable mentions will also be chosen.
Limit of entry per person: (Up to 8 image entries may be submitted for additional fees)

Copyright: All photographers retain full copyrights

Deadline: January 7th,2013 (11:59PM CST)

Usage of Entry Some images may be displayed to promote future competitions by the TBM Photography Network.

Contest Website:

See Me – Photographers Wanted

See Me – Photographers Wanted

Photographers, you are invited to celebrate your creative passion with an international community of 522,653 members on See.Me.

To inaugurate our global launch, we are awarding over $125,000 in prizes to inspired creatives like you. Join the Community

Join the community within the next 12 Days, 9 Hours, 49 Minutes and you could be eligible for the $1,000 Early Entry Award.

Photographers, you are invited to celebrate your creative passion with an international community of 522,653 members on See.Me.

To inaugurate our global launch, we are awarding over $125,000 in prizes to inspired creatives like you. Join the Community

Join the community within the next 15 Days, 15 Hours, 54 Minutes and you could be eligible for the $1,000 Early Entry Award.

Eligibility: Open to All / 18+

Free to Enter:

Prizes: The Times Square Award
+ A video of you and your work displayed on one of the largest billboards in Times Square NYC + $500,000 cash grant

A Photo Exhibition in NYC
+ A solo photography exhibition in New York City at the See | Exhibition gallery
+ $7,000 cash grant
+ An online feature broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers

Feature in The Story of the Creative
+ Printed inclusion in our 4th internationally distributed publication

Copyright: Each portfolio must be the original work of the member, and member must be the sole owner of the copyright of such entry.

By submitting an entry, entrant grants See.Me and its designees an irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide perpetual license to use the entry and his/her name, city, state, and country of residence for credit purposes in See.Me’s online galleries, printed publications, or any other use on See.Me’s website, without further compensation, notification, or permission, unless prohibited by law. In addition, each winner grants to See.Me and its designees an irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide perpetual license to use and distribute the entry (as submitted, or as cropped by See.Me), and his/her name, city, state, and country of residence for credit purposes, in any and all media now or hereafter known, for purposes of promotion of the Contest and other See.Me contests and/or for purposes of advertising and promoting See.Me and, except as otherwise stated herein, without further compensation, notification, or permission, unless prohibited by law. see more details at website

Deadline: November 29, 2012


Best of 2012 – Travellers Point Photo Contest

Best of 2012 – Travellers Point Photo Contest

Deadline: November 23

With the end of the year approaching, we’re throwing an all-in photo competition. There is no set theme. Instead, just share your best photos taken in 2012.

Submit up to three of your best photos for a chance to win one of these excellent prizes.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Free to Enter

Judge’s Prize:

A cool photo collage from ixxi. Using your own photos, ixxi will provide a 160×120 cm (48 cards) collage valued at €86,95. See here for more info on the innovative system.
A copy of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography signed by the author, Richard I’Anson.
And $500 in cash!
People’s Choice Prize:

A cool 160×120 cm (48 cards) photo collage from ixxi valued at €86,95.
And $250 in cash.
Copyright: You will still own the copyright. By entering your photo, you’re also giving Travellerspoint a non-transferable, non-revocable right to use it to promote Travellerspoint. Full credit will be given to you for the photo.

Lapsus open call for photographic works

Lapsus, open call for photographic & video works

Entries by 28 February 2013.


First Prize: Euro 1,000
Second Prize: Euro 500
Third Prize: Euro 500

Lapsus reflects on the ways in which works of art are created, especially in relation to new media, photography and video, which allow artists ever more technical and virtual perfection, at the risk of losing authenticity and uniqueness.

History of art shows us that many works were born of accidental 'mistakes' which occurred during the execution of a project, the taking of a picture or the recording of a video; such slips or lapsus' often occur without the knowledge of the author, who can use them as a point of strength in the final work.

This project also explores the idea of fate and destiny in relation to an artist and his or her artwork, dispelling the myth that a technological slip, error or failure can be determined or planned, instead elevating them to an aesthetic image that is a work of art.

The project Lapsus was born from an idea by the critic Marinella Paderni, and is a collaboration between Celeste Network and Fondazione Studio Marangoni.

Entry fee is Euro 40 per project uploaded directly online. Each project can contain up to 10 photographs and/or videos (max 10 minutes).

What role does a random accident, a 'fortunate' error, a bizarre involuntariness or the failure of an idea, have in the success of a work of art? In the age of Photoshop and digital technology, what value does an 'error' have, that unplanned mistake that escapes the consciousness of the artist as he creates his work, but enriches and decrees its success?

Lapsus investigates the positive and constructive values of an accidental photographic error, an un-sought-for error, that at the time of its occurrence decides the fate of a work or a project.
The practice of 'errata' in photography and cinema is as old as their own invention: Man Ray used the neologism Fautographie to nickname the photographic error, while Diane Arbus stated that "... is important to make bad photographs." Zoe Leonard has dedicated to this concept a recent series of photographs (Sun photographs) which look directly at the sun, an 'error' that even newcomers to photography would not have stumbled on, but explained by the American artist as an attempt to photograph a subject impossible to portray. The historian of photography Clément Chéroux has written a book that examines the history of the photographic error in the development of photography.

The project Lapsus takes into consideration all those photographic and video works in which an accident during their execution, a sudden and unintended erasure, an unexpected détournement during development of a work, or conversely, the research of an impossibility (as in the case of Zoe Leonard) lead to the success of a work of art.

Selections & Prizes
Deadline for submissions is 28 February 2013.
15 projects will be chosen by the selection panel which includes Martin Breindl, Elena Ceratti and Silvio Wolf. At the exhibition opening on 17 May 2013 the curator of Lapsus, Marinella Paderni, will choose the three winning projects and award € 2,000 prizes.



Deadline: 01/24/2013

Eligibility: FOMC 2 is open to all Indian Nationality who have who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry.

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Prizes: Royal Enfield Bullet, iMAC, iPAD, Personalised Backpack & Photographers Jacket

Limit of Entry: Maximum 10 entries each participant

Copyright: All photographs submitted by participants during the contest period is solely and completely their property only. We respect their participation and will like to stress that we would be using their images/photographs in any form or medium only after the participant express and explicit approval.

"Harvest" Photography Contest

"Harvest" Photography Contest

Eligibility: Worldwide


Entry Fee: $10.00

Prize:1st: $150, 2nd: $75, 3rd: $50

Photographers will retain original copyrights to their photos.
By entering, you agree to the terms & conditions set forth.

Contest closes on 12/31/12.

We harvest from the earth a great many things: food, water, energy. For this contest we are looking for photos that capture the essence of the word “harvest.” Vineyard grapes, corn fields, wind turbines, favorite dish or a harvest moon? What does the word represent to you? We want to see your best harvest photos!

The earth provides us with a great variety of food, yet many don’t get the nutrition they need. Upon contest close, PhotoCircle will donate half the contest profits to a local food bank here in Portland, OR.

So enter your photos now into our interactive contest for a chance to win cash awards and to help those in need of food.

November 2012 photo contest: autumn woods

November 2012 photo contest: autumn woods

The sun is low in the sky and there is no better time to take advantage of this golden light – visit a forest full of wildlife waiting to be discovered. We want to see your best photographs of this beautiful season.

Behold the trees ablaze with colour, take part in a fungi foray and search among the fallen leaves or look out for small mammals as they forage for food and prepare for hibernation.

Each month the editor's favourite images are featured in the Your Photos pages of the current issue and those with the most votes may even be showcased in our two-weekly newsletter.

The winning image, chosen from the top 10 images with the most votes, will feature as the main image of the online photo contest gallery after the contest has closed.

Please do only submit images of wildlife that are appropriate to this month's theme.

The editor's choice is final and correspondence will not be entered into.

The final date for submissions is 1 December 2012.

The final date for voting is 1 January 2013.

Don't forget that although you can’t vote in the month you upload your images, you can still vote for another month’s images and encourage your friends to vote. All votes submitted by the final deadline will be counted.

To read the competition Terms and Conditions, click here.

Good Luck!

My Ride

"My Ride"



In today’s world transportation is paramount to our survival. It can be crucial in getting us from one place to another. Our mode of transportation can also reveal much about ourselves. An individual is often defined by their car, truck, bus or even their horse! PictureCompete™ is seeking those images that best display the relationship between people and their many different forms of travel.

Cash prizes:
• First Place: $150 (USD)
• Second Place: $75 (USD)
• Third Place: $50 (USD)

Winners will also receive:
• Winner's gallery exhibition
• Social media exposure
• PictureCompete™ newsletter exposure

Open to all individuals 18 years and older, worldwide.

Entry fee:
$10.00 for up to three (3) images.

Entry Deadline: December 2, 2012.

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