Traces of Humanity – International Photo Contest

Traces of Humanity – International Photo Contest

Humans deal with different kinds of struggles in different places of the universe. Everything is for one reason; to exist, to survive and to leave a trace behind. That’s precisely why some help the others, some fight for land or religion, some create art, some travel through expeditions and some retire themselves to a corner for loneliness. In fact, the stories of all those are hidden in looks and faces.
Sometimes land is shaded with wars, or sometimes it glitters with carnivals and joy. The ones who mourn, the ones who wed, the ones who bury their dead and the ones who plant trees meet with each other somehow. Young and old, rich and poor, guilty and innocent, winner and loser create an interesting mosaic together. In different places of the earth, while some sleep, some experience the highlight of life.
Eligibility: Worldwide 18+
Entry Fee: $12
Limit: Each participant can submit up to 5 photos
Prizes :
1st Prize : Gold Medal + 2000 Euro
2nd Prize : Silver Medal + 1500 Euro
3rd Prize : Bronze Medal + 1000 Euro
Honorary Mentions (6) + 250 Euro
City Council Special Award : 500 Euro
Jury Special Award : 500 Euro
Schedule :
Final Date of Participation: 10th September 2012
Jury Meeting: 16-17 September 2012
Announcement of Results : 18 September 2012
Exhibition Opening : 21 September 2012
Copyright: Every participant accepts, declares and commits that the work belongs to him/her and that all licenses were obtained for the photograph he/she has sent. In the case that any of the winning participants acts in contradiction to this declaration, his/her award, title and all acquisitions he/she has obtained will be reversed. In any case, Bursa Photofest can’t be held responsible of participants’ actions.
Deadline: September 10, 2012

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