Make a Splash Photo Contest 2012

Make a Splash Photo Contest 2012

Eligibility : Worldwide
free to enter


First Place: MacBook Air 11″
Second Place: New iPad 16GB
Third Place: iPhone 4S 16GB
Popular Vote Prize: Yorkie Cuddly Desktop Speakers

: All entries remain the property of the participant

Usage Rights
: The participant grants BMW AG and MINI free of charge a permanent, non-revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide and unrestricted license to use his/her entries including all pictures, photos and names for promotional and/or marketing and/or communication purposes in any and all media such as, but not exclusively, television, shows, exhibitions, trade shows, events, print and digital media, mailings, public relations, billboards in connection and conjunction with the MINI Space Competition and MINI Competition.
Deadline: October 26, 2012

Earth’s most abundant resource is the inspirational well to draw from for this photography and design competition. We want to see the most dynamic expressions that H2O has to offer.
Explore the many states of water by employing whatever medium you might be master of – graphic design, photography, illustration, collage – we want to see your creativity flow as you dive into a theme that’s absolutely drenched in possibility. Water is just as much responsible for the gushing torrents of a white-water rapid as it is the delicate majesty of a snowflake. With so much visual potential, we want everything from geysers to glaciers to get their 15 minutes of MINI Space fame.
To get your work published on MINI Space, plus the chance to sail away with some enviable prizes, just follow these easy steps.

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