Hours Photo Contest – Over $500 To Win!

Store Hours Photo Contest – Over $500 To Win!

Contest page http://www.istorehours.com/store-hours-images.html

iStoreHours is excited to announce its first ever photo contest related to – you guessed it – store hours! All you have to do is submit photos of the best and most interesting store hour signs you can find. The signs could be hung on a shop door, posted on a restaurant window, or standing high above a store parking lot, and all you have to do is snap a pic and submit! 


1st Place: US $300
2nd Place: US $100
3rd Place: US $50
Weekly Winners (6): US $10 each

Enter Photos (there are two ways to enter the contest):

Download our Store Hours app on your Android phone and submit photos (along with your name and email) via the app. It’s an easy way to participate while you’re on the go!

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