Pinhole World Photographic Competition

Pinhole World Photographic Competition

The competition is open to all photographers. There are no limitations regarding the time and place where the photographs entered for the competition may be taken. The photographs entered must be taken with a pinhole camera. Entries will only be accepted as prints. The minimal size for entries is 13x18cm. In case of entries printed in square format the minimum size is 13x13cm. In case of entries with non-standard proportions the longer side must not exceed 50cm.

Eligibility: Worldwide
Deadline       11/30/2012
Entry Fee: Free

Nowadays the ease with which images are made is impressive. These days we don’t happen to be a photographer; we all are photographers. An average owner of a mobile phone with a camera of acceptable quality becomes z collector of moments captured in images. Pictures are circulated as messages and it is an image rather than words that has become a communiqué. Contrary to this reality many passionate are trying to rediscover photography, looking for a key in old techniques and primitive forms of recording. Pinhole photography is once more gaining full rights in this great visual show.

We would like to invite all those who may be a little discouraged with this ease of duplicating the world have stopped for a moment allowing the slow seeping of reality through the pinhole of a CAMERA OBSCURA to take part in our competition. Maybe together we will be able to discover the mystery.

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