Portrait Photography 200 Faces

Portrait Photography 200 Faces

We’re putting together an exhibition of photographs that explore the use of camera phones. Over the last ten years, cameras that are built into mobile phones have steadily increased in quality and use. It is now easier than ever before for anyone to capture the unique, passing moments of daily life. You can submit photographs for this theme of any subject matter, or style, and they can be straight-shots, or have a filter applied…so long as they have been taken with the camera on your phone. Photographs need to be jpegs and of a high quality. Include a brief description of the work you are sending atleast 200-300 words.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Free to Enter

Prizes: Successful applicants will win a place in our touring exhibition of the UK. We will print your work and cover all of the costs of the exhibition.

Copyright: I confirm that I own the intellectual property rights with respect to all photographic images or files which I submit to The Photographic Angle for exhibiting on my behalf and give my consent to The Photographic Angle to reproduce, display and exhibit those images or files as and where they think fit along with my submitted biographical/artistic statement and respective contact details.

Deadline: July 31, 2012

Website: http://thephotographicangle.co.uk/submit-to-exhibit.html

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