MINI Space Photo Competition – Strength in Numbers

MINI Space Photo Competition – Strength in Numbers

It’s timeless wisdom. Two heads are better than one. No man is an island. The sum is greater than the parts. Divided we fall. We’ve all experienced the power of strength in numbers, and we know it when we see it.
The more the merrier: this competition is all about showing objects in numbers.
It might be in a magnificent swarm of starlings, an army of ants tackling a leaf, the stunning synchronicity of a dance troupe, or the orchestral swirl of a cluster of stars in the evening sky. You can hear it in the roar of a stadium and the hum of a beehive. Our daily lives are filled with inspiring demonstrations of synergy and each are ripe with visual potential.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Free to Enter

First Place: MacBook Air
Second Place: New iPad 16GB
Third Place: iPhone 4S 16GB
Popular Vote Prize: Diana Camera Deluxe Kit

Copyright: All entries remain the property of the participant. The participant grants BMW AG and MINI free of charge a permanent license to use his/her entries for promotional and/or marketing and/or communication purposes in any and all media

Deadline: 30 August 2012


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