Fotoemotion photography contest

Fotoemotion photography contest

Fotoemotion photography contest: We invite you to transmit the state of mind felt by people that show: satisfaction, sadness, fantasy, doubt, fear, longing, happiness, etc. To express these emotions, with images that will endure in our retina, is to truly reflect like a mirror, by way of photography or digital art, who we are and how we feel.
You can participate with your works created from illustrations or photographs. Show us that, to you, a rainy day is much more than an atmospheric phenomenon as we mentioned at the beginning.
Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+
Free to Enter
• There will be an exhibition in Spain of the 20 winning images that have been selected by a qualified panel of judges, from the first 100 pre-selected that have acquired the greatest number of votes, in Maxó Gallery (Calle Portal Nou, 29 – 08003, Barcelona, Spain) from 23 until 30 may 2013.
• A digital certificate registering your participation in the exhibition will be sent via email.
• A cocktail party will be held to inaugurate the exhibition, on 23 may 2013.
Copyright and usage information: You will preserve the entire author’s copyright and other rights that you already possess in relation with the images that you publish in Blipoint. The authors of the official announcement herein authorize Punto y Línea 07 S.L., a company registered in Spain, legal representative of the blipoint web portal, the non-exclusive right to the reproduction, distribution, and public communication of the works of the finalists, in the following terms:
The right of reproduction: for the sole purposes of, postcards, or posters, promotional press advertising the present official announcement, and publication in diverse intranet media, such as; social networks, within the blipoint web portal, and blogs related to photography and art events, with the sole purpose of making known and promoting the contest winners.
Important dates
  • Date of participation: from 24/09/2012 to 21/01/2013
  • Voting process: 21/01/2013 to 18/03/2013
  • Contest closed: 18/03/2013
The 20 winning images will be displayed at Maxó gallery. Barcelona – Spain, from 23 until 30 may 2013.

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